Channeled Message: Heartbreak

So, I went through a break-up a while back. It was for the best. It was mature. I thought I was fine, but I realized that I hadn’t mourned the loss at all.

I asked my guides for assistance and you will hear the message I received. I have since followed this advice. It worked for me, but I understand this may not be the case for everyone. Nonetheless, my guides asked me to pass it along. I hope it helps.

Your heart is wise and true. It knows the way. Moving beyond a relationship is never easy.

Your soul was damaged and bruised, but it was all part of the plan. You will see that one day when all the smoke has cleared. You must grieve this loss.

Cry, cry, cry your heart out. It is allowed. It is necessary. This is the only way to purge yourself of desire. Do not repress your emotions, they will only leak out in unfortunate ways. If you do not rid yourself of this connection, you will keep attracting different versions of this person back into your life. You will love this type as many times as it takes to learn the lesson.

There is a tendency in humans to avoid, to push pain away, especially if the heartbreak was not traumatic, just a respectful parting of ways. You may think all is well, but examine how you react to the pleasant memories, if there is a hint of longing, of reverie, there is grieving to do.

Allow these tender recollections to fill your soul, recall every detail, and feel yourself back that mental space. Hold yourself there until the tears run hot down your cheeks. Do this many times, until you get sick of it, until the memory no longer sparks a reaction.

Imagine them happy with another person, let the jealousy engulf you. Let it simmer underneath your skin until it transforms into genuine goodwill.

Pain is healthy and tears are a sign of release. Know that you will experience many more wonderful memories once you complete this process and open your heart again. You are gaining wisdom and learning what you do not want. You must love what is wrong for you. Only then will be able to welcome what is right.

So, carry on, beautiful souls. We cherish and applaud your unyielding perseverance.

So, let me know what you think of this message. Thank you so much! Be sure to like and comment.