Channeled Message: The Self, The Soul, and Fear

Hello, my lovelies. You beautiful souls. I hope things are rocking and rolling in your world.

Today’s message is kind of a mixed bag, thematically. It touches on the soul, identity, and fear. it is honestly my favorite channeled message I’ve done so far. I love the metaphors my guides used and I found it really touching, so without further ado, here’s the message:

The soul as we tend to think of it, fixed and static, does not technically exist.

Look within and you’ll discover a diverse collection of thought-patterns and assumptions that are sure to morph and change with the years.

The real you, the one you love adore is not human, but a glimpse, one facet of the divine. This essence, this core connects and binds you to all living beings.

So, strip away the nonsense, the attachments that no longer serve you, your societal conditioning, your put-on persona, and let the real you shine through. The divine does not concern itself with petty minutiae, worry, or ego because it knows that all are one. There is no need to envy another when you understand that you are both waves on the divine ocean. You share the same root and you cannot envy what you already are.

So, let the world bask in the divinity that shines from your eyes. You are a flower in God’s garden. A flower does not fear growing. You are a brilliant, ephemeral rainbow in the sky of His mind, A rainbow does not fear revealing its coat of many colors for all to see. You are only granted a short window of time in this human form, so make it count. So, live boldly and live well. Do not allow fear to prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours.

Hold firm, hold tight, and hold strong. We are with you till the end.

So, let me know what you think of this message. Be sure to comment and like! Thank you so much!