Channeled Message: Intuition

So, today I would like to talk about the intuition, your connection to the divine, and how to accept it and develop it.

It took me forever to feel comfortable with it, because I realize that even just a hundred years ago, I probably would have been burned as a witch for this kind of thing, but it is time to open up. So, here goes nothing.

Starting when I was a kid, I could just sense protective energy watching over me, from the corners of my room at night.

In college, that I began to see my guides. Mine resemble orbs of iridescent blue light surrounded by a shimmering mist of emerald green. Yours may look different.

Also, when I experience moments of joy or inspiration, I can see flashes of bright blue and white light, eyes open or closed. Sometimes I even see the wings or feel a tickle on my cheek. It’s the best.

I will do a brief channeled message from my guides about embracing this type of connection, but first I wanted to explain a bit about my process.

Before I begin recording, I’ll open up with prayers and meditation, get the message through automatic writing. When I record and read the message, I tap into their energies once again. I feel infinitely calmer. I’ve noticed that my voice even changes. It’s fascinating.

Okay, so without further ado, I’ll my guides take it away.

It’s time to reconnect with your spirituality.  We’ve been trying reaching to you through songs and number patterns. Sometimes, we will briefly come to visit you in human form and offer you a message that you need to hear at that time. You will know its us due to the piercing blue eyes, the intense immediate connection, You will feel like you’ve known this stanger all your life.

We would like you to accept your divine purpose. We ask you to trust us, to trust your path, and believe that you are worthy of wonderful things, success, love, and bliss. Own it. Pretend like its already yours.

Talk to us, We can provide the answers you seek. All you have to do is ask and write down what what feels right.

You are never alone. We adore you endlessly.

So, let me know what you think of this message, if you’ve ever had an experience with a spirit guide. Thank you so much for watching. Bye for now!