Channeled Message: Good vs. Evil

Hello, hello. I hope you are all doing splendidly.

So, my guides came in strong with this little philosophical message about ethics and morality. I hope you enjoy:

What is right and what is wrong? There is no objective truth. Everything gains meaning in context, but actions themselves have no moral weight.

Instead, it is all about intention and purpose.

What may have seemed inherently “bad” at the time may ultimately cause more good in the future. Everything has its purpose and its plan.

Good and evil are human labels imposed upon fluid events. These two opposing ideals ultimately need each other. They are two sides of the same coin, forever locked together. You cannot have one without the other.

Morality may not be clear cut, but we still know in our hearts what is right. Follow that instinct. Let your intentions be of peace, love, wisdom, and grace.

Channeled Message: Fate vs. Free Will

The gods know what the final score of the football game will be, but we still have to play it - British classical scholar A.W. Gomme

Hello, hello. I hope you are all doing splendidly. Prepare yourselves for another mind-bending philosophical post.

This time, my guides will tackle an age-old question, one that fascinated philosophers for thousands of years: Free Will versus Fate.

So, without further ado, here are my guides:

You cannot avoid your fate. What is destined to happen will always happen. It will happen one way or another. However, you can delay and postpone the inevitable for a time and you can choose your route to that predestined destination. It is a delicate play, a delicate balance.

Do not fear your fate. It was not imposed upon you by some remote puppet-master, but you yourself. You co-created your journey with the universe in order to serve your highest and best good.

So, in one sense, you truly are the creator of your own destiny.

Channeled Message: Healing the Heart

Hello, my lovelies. Sending you light and peace.

So, just a little update on my self-confidence video. Affirmations really helped me. They really do work. It’s fantastic, but you have to tailor the phrases so they mean something to you. If you feel an active resistance in your body when you recite it in the form of tears or avoidance, you know you’ve found the right one. Say it until you believe it.

Okay, so today’s post is about the next step in the healing process, opening up your heart again.

So, without further ado, I’ll let my guides take it away:

You think this pain you are accustomed to is all there is. You think you are destined to suffer when it comes to love, but this is a dangerous falsehood. There is no need to attract more heartache into your life. Just because it was so in the past does not mean it has to continue into the future.

You already have overcome so many trying lessons, let the universe reward you with something truly spectacular. It may feel counter-intuitive to receive, but please accept this love and joy into your heart. You’ve earned it.

Of course, keep your wits about you. Your intuition is keen now. Use it. You will be able to discern the good apples from the rotten ones. There is plenty of goodness in the world. Embrace it with everything you have.

If you continue to hide away, you’ll deprive yourself of the glorious beauty of love. Being vulnerable in fully trusting another is one of bravest things one can do.

We know it is frightening to put your heart on the line, but for the right person, you’ll be all they’ve ever dreamed of, so fear not.

Channeled Message: The Self, The Soul, and Fear

Hello, my lovelies. You beautiful souls. I hope things are rocking and rolling in your world.

Today’s message is kind of a mixed bag, thematically. It touches on the soul, identity, and fear. it is honestly my favorite channeled message I’ve done so far. I love the metaphors my guides used and I found it really touching, so without further ado, here’s the message:

The soul as we tend to think of it, fixed and static, does not technically exist.

Look within and you’ll discover a diverse collection of thought-patterns and assumptions that are sure to morph and change with the years.

The real you, the one you love adore is not human, but a glimpse, one facet of the divine. This essence, this core connects and binds you to all living beings.

So, strip away the nonsense, the attachments that no longer serve you, your societal conditioning, your put-on persona, and let the real you shine through. The divine does not concern itself with petty minutiae, worry, or ego because it knows that all are one. There is no need to envy another when you understand that you are both waves on the divine ocean. You share the same root and you cannot envy what you already are.

So, let the world bask in the divinity that shines from your eyes. You are a flower in God’s garden. A flower does not fear growing. You are a brilliant, ephemeral rainbow in the sky of His mind, A rainbow does not fear revealing its coat of many colors for all to see. You are only granted a short window of time in this human form, so make it count. So, live boldly and live well. Do not allow fear to prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours.

Hold firm, hold tight, and hold strong. We are with you till the end.

So, let me know what you think of this message. Be sure to comment and like! Thank you so much!

Channeled Message: Soulmates

Hello, my lovelies. I hope you are doing well. So, for today’s topic, I asked my guides about the nature of the soulmate relationship and here’s what I got, so enjoy!

Soulmates are a tricky business. Television and movies have portrayed them as easy, fairy tale connections, when in reality nothing could be farther from the truth. These are potent and profound bonds that require much  from you. This is not just about overwhelming desire, but two strong partners who have healed their respective wounds and now desire to put in the work, so to speak.

Once you've encountered this soul, your counterpart, your mirror, every other relationship will pale in comparison. These are the people who set your soul ablaze. This love will topple anything shaky or unsound in your sphere.

This beautiful soul will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Just being in their presence will spark a euphoric high and a crushing low afterwards.

The significance of the connection will be apparent in both partners immediately, which can be terrifying especially if one is not ready or expecting it, which is why most people run away.

You need to be solid individually before you can come together. We urge you to remember the self. Choose yourself and love yourself first.

Also, remember that you have free will and may select an easier connection. However, the emotional payoff will not be as grand and spectacular.

And this level of connection is not just for your personal enjoyment and benefit, but will be an example of divine love and healing to others, which will spread out to the entire world in a ripple-like effect.

So, let me know what you think of this message. Does it resonate with you? Be sure to like and comment. Thank you so much!

Channeled Message: Intuition

So, today I would like to talk about the intuition, your connection to the divine, and how to accept it and develop it.

It took me forever to feel comfortable with it, because I realize that even just a hundred years ago, I probably would have been burned as a witch for this kind of thing, but it is time to open up. So, here goes nothing.

Starting when I was a kid, I could just sense protective energy watching over me, from the corners of my room at night.

In college, that I began to see my guides. Mine resemble orbs of iridescent blue light surrounded by a shimmering mist of emerald green. Yours may look different.

Also, when I experience moments of joy or inspiration, I can see flashes of bright blue and white light, eyes open or closed. Sometimes I even see the wings or feel a tickle on my cheek. It’s the best.

I will do a brief channeled message from my guides about embracing this type of connection, but first I wanted to explain a bit about my process.

Before I begin recording, I’ll open up with prayers and meditation, get the message through automatic writing. When I record and read the message, I tap into their energies once again. I feel infinitely calmer. I’ve noticed that my voice even changes. It’s fascinating.

Okay, so without further ado, I’ll my guides take it away.

It’s time to reconnect with your spirituality.  We’ve been trying reaching to you through songs and number patterns. Sometimes, we will briefly come to visit you in human form and offer you a message that you need to hear at that time. You will know its us due to the piercing blue eyes, the intense immediate connection, You will feel like you’ve known this stanger all your life.

We would like you to accept your divine purpose. We ask you to trust us, to trust your path, and believe that you are worthy of wonderful things, success, love, and bliss. Own it. Pretend like its already yours.

Talk to us, We can provide the answers you seek. All you have to do is ask and write down what what feels right.

You are never alone. We adore you endlessly.

So, let me know what you think of this message, if you’ve ever had an experience with a spirit guide. Thank you so much for watching. Bye for now!

Channeled Message: Heartbreak

So, I went through a break-up a while back. It was for the best. It was mature. I thought I was fine, but I realized that I hadn’t mourned the loss at all.

I asked my guides for assistance and you will hear the message I received. I have since followed this advice. It worked for me, but I understand this may not be the case for everyone. Nonetheless, my guides asked me to pass it along. I hope it helps.

Your heart is wise and true. It knows the way. Moving beyond a relationship is never easy.

Your soul was damaged and bruised, but it was all part of the plan. You will see that one day when all the smoke has cleared. You must grieve this loss.

Cry, cry, cry your heart out. It is allowed. It is necessary. This is the only way to purge yourself of desire. Do not repress your emotions, they will only leak out in unfortunate ways. If you do not rid yourself of this connection, you will keep attracting different versions of this person back into your life. You will love this type as many times as it takes to learn the lesson.

There is a tendency in humans to avoid, to push pain away, especially if the heartbreak was not traumatic, just a respectful parting of ways. You may think all is well, but examine how you react to the pleasant memories, if there is a hint of longing, of reverie, there is grieving to do.

Allow these tender recollections to fill your soul, recall every detail, and feel yourself back that mental space. Hold yourself there until the tears run hot down your cheeks. Do this many times, until you get sick of it, until the memory no longer sparks a reaction.

Imagine them happy with another person, let the jealousy engulf you. Let it simmer underneath your skin until it transforms into genuine goodwill.

Pain is healthy and tears are a sign of release. Know that you will experience many more wonderful memories once you complete this process and open your heart again. You are gaining wisdom and learning what you do not want. You must love what is wrong for you. Only then will be able to welcome what is right.

So, carry on, beautiful souls. We cherish and applaud your unyielding perseverance.

So, let me know what you think of this message. Thank you so much! Be sure to like and comment.

Channeled Message: The Afterlife

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. So, this post today is going to be a little bit different. Lately I’ve been exploring my ability to channel or receive information from spirit or my guides.

I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager, but I finally feel ready to start talking about it. So, essentially what I’ve been guided to do is ask about life’s big questions, the nature of the soul, the cosmos, and share the messages I receive.

I still want to do culture videos, but I think I’m going to start channeling more when I talk about more of the trippy philosophical theories.

The first topic I asked about was the afterlife and what follows is the channeled message.

It is a place of peace, of grace, of true understanding. It is an angelic realm of higher consciousness. All that was a mystery on Earth is clear here. All is well here. You are safe here. All is peace here.

You see all that you were on Earth. You see how your actions affected others and how you impacted the world around you. You see yourself the way others see you. You understand your role and purpose on Earth and why you chose to incarnate. There is no hell fire or brimstone like human religions have claimed, just you confronting your own thoughts and actions.

This is a place of healing, compassion, and recovery. Sometimes, the soul's journey is not an easy one. You will see what was truly lacking in your life and could have been done to remedy the situation. You may think of it like therapy or counseling. If you have karma to repay, you may choose to reincarnate when you are ready.

All beings are one here. All are connected energetically, so there is no missing, no sense of loss.

This is your home. You may have longed for this feeling of serenity and connection, not knowing its origin. You may remember what it feels like to be here in the depths of your soul ㅡ resolute, understood, and fully supported by your soul family. It is humankind’s birthright to revel and share in this energy.

Most of all, we wish humans to know that they are so loved and welcome here. You are more than worthy of this love and understanding. This is where you come from.

Be well, my child, for I am your voice and your guide. We dwell in your heart. We are here to help you understand. You are a child of light. We offer you many blessings. We offer you grace and courage. We are always here for whatever you may need.