Channeled Message: The Afterlife

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. So, this post today is going to be a little bit different. Lately I’ve been exploring my ability to channel or receive information from spirit or my guides.

I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager, but I finally feel ready to start talking about it. So, essentially what I’ve been guided to do is ask about life’s big questions, the nature of the soul, the cosmos, and share the messages I receive.

I still want to do culture videos, but I think I’m going to start channeling more when I talk about more of the trippy philosophical theories.

The first topic I asked about was the afterlife and what follows is the channeled message.

It is a place of peace, of grace, of true understanding. It is an angelic realm of higher consciousness. All that was a mystery on Earth is clear here. All is well here. You are safe here. All is peace here.

You see all that you were on Earth. You see how your actions affected others and how you impacted the world around you. You see yourself the way others see you. You understand your role and purpose on Earth and why you chose to incarnate. There is no hell fire or brimstone like human religions have claimed, just you confronting your own thoughts and actions.

This is a place of healing, compassion, and recovery. Sometimes, the soul's journey is not an easy one. You will see what was truly lacking in your life and could have been done to remedy the situation. You may think of it like therapy or counseling. If you have karma to repay, you may choose to reincarnate when you are ready.

All beings are one here. All are connected energetically, so there is no missing, no sense of loss.

This is your home. You may have longed for this feeling of serenity and connection, not knowing its origin. You may remember what it feels like to be here in the depths of your soul ㅡ resolute, understood, and fully supported by your soul family. It is humankind’s birthright to revel and share in this energy.

Most of all, we wish humans to know that they are so loved and welcome here. You are more than worthy of this love and understanding. This is where you come from.

Be well, my child, for I am your voice and your guide. We dwell in your heart. We are here to help you understand. You are a child of light. We offer you many blessings. We offer you grace and courage. We are always here for whatever you may need.